BME-ENA - Biomedical Engineering Education Tempus Initiative in Eastern Neighbouring Area (2013-2016) 

The BME-ENA project is a Joint Project within the TEMPUS IV program, involving 7 Institutions from EU and 10 Institutions from Partner Countries.

The main objective of the project is to promote, establish and improve Biomedical Engineering (BME) Education in the Eastern Neighbouring Area (ENA), through the creation of 4 joint multidisciplinary MSc BME programs in Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. The 4 MSc programs will be designed and implemented according to the most recent developments in the BME field and following the recommendations of a previous very successful TEMPUS IV CRH-BME Project and with the support of the EU Universities with the long experience in the field. The structure of the programs will be built upon the European Higher Education Area principles, thus facilitating the harmonization and leading to comparable degrees based on two main cycles and the ECTS that will allow mutual recognition and increased students and teaching staff mobility. 

The education of biomedical engineers will have major positive effects in both the health technology industry sector and the health delivery system through the appropriate management and safe use of medical devices. The BME-ENA project will enable four ENA countries to face these challenges through capacity and institutional building measures. An ultimate goal of this project is to prepare a new generation of Biomedical Engineers able to understand, develop, manage and use advanced medical technology.